The engineering tools we use in the prototyping phase of a project allow us to deliver results fast while developing technology that can be reused in the product development and validation phases of your project.

Proof of Concept

Our familiarity with high level electronic platforms allows us to put together extremely capable systems relatively fast. We can help you prove your idea or concept will work before you enter full product development mode.

Circuit Layout

We can help you quickly implement your ideas on a board that is production ready. Our experience in contract manufacturing allows us to assist you in making volume and technology tradeoff comparisons.

Data Collection

Our knowledge of transducers and how they interact with the physical world will help you collect the right data on your first attempt. Coupled with our data acquisition solutions, you will have a powerful method to attain all of the data you need.

Signal Processing

Acquiring data is the first step to success. The second step is realizing what that data means. With our knowledge of signal processing, we can help you analyze your data to extract the information relevant to your new concept.

LabVIEW Development

LabVIEW is the ideal language for quick results. The development time to prove a concept is significantly decreased with the use of a fully capable, abstracted development environment.

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping using a 3D modeling environment and 3D printing can be a fast way to test a mechanical component.