Glynn Elliot

Hydraulics Engineer

Nucor Steel Company, Decatur, AL

  • Electro-hydraulic control research and development of PAC testing equipment
  • Developed and taught hydraulic training program to promote optimal function
  • Maintained hydraulic equipment in hot and cold mills of multi-faceted steel       manufacturing facility
  • Hydraulic consultant to all sister mills

Reliability Engineer

Trico Steel Company, Decatur, AL

  • Solved a several hundred thousand dollar bearing problem by             correcting logic control circuit on electric arc furnace
  • Improved safety and efficiency by developing lessons in fluid power and conducting training for employees
  • Analyzed fluid sample results and provided corrective procedures to operators

Hydraulics Engineer

Haynes International, Kokomo, IN

  • Served as technical resource for over 100 Maintenance Personnel. Analyzed    operations and identified improvement projects
  • Developed hydraulic training program for Machine Repair Personnel, 33 employees successfully completed 3 month course
  • Increased pump life three fold on Four-High Rolling Mill as Project Engineer on redesign of central power unit
  • Reduced maintenance cost by half and increased efficiency by retro fitting grinder units with closed loop hydrostatic drive units
  • Developed uniform standards for fluid power equipment and code for installing fluid conduits in response to Engineering group request

Hydraulic Designer

Amclyde, Slidell, LA

  • Designed fluid power system for new 30 Ton Cranes including ACAD schematics and component specification. Directed component installation and crane trials.

Mechanical Supervisor (Melt Shop Division)

Birmingham Steel, Jackson, MS

  • Designed and installed auto lubrication system on continuous casting machine

Maintenance Supervisor

Bayou Steel Corporation, LaPlace, LA

  • Supervised Hydraulic Department. Installed test bench and trained personnel in operation of unit.
  • Retro-fitted stacking equipment to couple hydraulically as well as mechanically (as originally designed)
  • Revised walking beam furnace hydraulic control circuits with electro-modulated flow control valves to limit negative acceleration


Hydraulic Systems100%

Programmable Logic Controllers85%



System Design100%

Project Management100%