Ryan Theuer

I started my engineering career studying Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University. After graduation, I harnessed the skills I learned in instrumentation and computer science for several positions with National Instruments. While working for National Instruments I became a certified LabVIEW developer and gained a great deal of experience designing instrumentation systems and test measurement solutions. In my current position, I enjoy using my knowledge of signal conditioning, transducer technology and software architectures to develop turnkey data acquisition, control, and test solutions for clients in the mil-aero, industrial, and commercial industries.

I am an engineer with a passion to find unique, innovative and elegant methods to solve problems. I enjoy designing systems that use minimal resources. I approach science and engineering as an art form through which I can provide an end user with an aesthetically pleasing design that is as reliable, simple, intuitive and easy to use as possible.

My unique background in software design, system design, and test engineering will help MEAD Electronics make an immediate impact on your engineering project.







System Design100%

Project Management100%

Test Engineering95%