Automated Test

We have been designing test systems for over 20 years. We strive to automate as much of the testing process as possible. This strategy allows operators of our test systems to focus on throughput instead of worrying about mistakes and errors.

Production Testers

We have the capability to deliver a turn-key test system that will not be the bottleneck in your production yield. We can provide functional and component level testing along with any necessary fixtures.

Test Cells

We specialize in the automation of complex test cells. Our experience ranges from the automotive, agriculture and aerospace industries to the lighting and white goods industries.

Field-Based Test

We know how to make things rugged. The environments to which we are traditionally exposed are not your average office building. Field based test equipment that we design will certainly meet all of your necessary specifications.

Regulatory Test

Test systems designed to prove regulatory compliance must be engineered with special and intimate knowledge of the standards. We have a great deal of experience developing test systems that help our customers meet and exceed regulatory compliance.

Component Test

Component level testers need to be flexible enough to manage multiple components and models. The technology we use in our test systems allows us to give you a high degree of flexibility in your component level test systems.