Product Design

Our experience in various industries allows us to fully understand your requirements and develop and implement a design process tailored for your application.

System Design

Our background in system design and our thorough engineering process allows us to provide optimal architecture solutions for any size project.

PCB Design

We specialize in PCB design and analysis. Our contract manufacturing experience allows us to understand the manufacturing of electronics and how it needs to affect a design.

Schematic Generation

Electrical, PCB, mechanical, and hydraulic systems require schematic creation for proper documentation and engineering analysis.

Hydraulic Circuits

With over 25 years of fluid power experience we know how to design and optimize hydraulic systems.

Electro-Mechanical Systems

Control systems are never just about the electronics. The mechanical and electrical systems must work in unison to deliver the desired behavior. Our experience with large and small electro-mechanical systems allows us to anticipate issues in the design phase and correct for them prior to implementation.

Signal Conditioners

We have designed many flexible signal conditioners that are engineered to be included in customer products. You can OEM our signal conditioners or we can modify them to fit in your product. These include:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Strain Gauge
  • Optical
  • Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Inductance
  • Accelerometers
  • Tilt & Angle
  • Pressure
  • Temperature

Regulatory Compliance

We have experience and proven success helping our customers take their products through regulatory compliance. Not only will we design products with compliance in mind, but also we have the knowledge to help you perform the proper documentation and testing for agency submission.